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Nigeria's Federal Parliament comprises of an upper house, i.e., Federal House of Senate and a lower house , i.e., Federal  House of Representatives.

The country's Senate President presides of the House of Senate. The House is constituted by elected members from each of the three Senatorial districts of Nigeria's 36 States and one from the country's Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), bringing the overall members of the country's sitting Senators to 109. The Speaker of the House of Representatives presides over deliberation in Nigeria's lower House.

The National Assembly has responsibility for making laws for the good governance of the Federation. Each of the Houses of the Assembly is made up of several specialised Committees whose work focus on aspects of national life. All members of the Assembly, in accordance with the Constitution, are required to sit for a minimum of 181 days in a year.

The Power of the National Assembly to make laws is exercised through bills passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives, and assented to by the President. A bill may originate from either house of the Assembly but cannot become law until it has been passed by both Houses and assented to by the President.

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