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State administration in Nigeria is operated on a three tier level, with the Federation's central government comprised of an Executive President, a bi-camera national parliament and a Federal judiciary, composed of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Federal High Court of Justice.  Nigeria's 1999 Constitution further provides for the operation of government administration on State (regional) level. Each of Nigeria's 36 states are presided over by elected chief executives, and served by elected unicameral regional parliaments and state judiciaries, comprised of State High Courts, Magistrate Courts, a collection of Magistrate/District courts, and Customary or Sharia Courts, as the case may be. The Local Government or Municipal level of administration which features elected Local Government Chairmen who are assisted in the dispensation of their duties by elected Counsellors formed the third tier of state administration in Nigeria. There are 774 Local Government Areas (Municipalities) in Nigeria.

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